PengolinCoin [PGO] is a truly decentralized, ASIC resistant cryptocurrency, using the Cryptonight_turtle (pico) PoW algorithm. Quick transactions, privacy, and ease of use make this coin perfect for paying or tipping anyone at anytime.
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What is PengolinCoin?

visionPengolinCoin is a private, decentralized cryptocurrency that allows users to quickly and easily send money around the world with low transaction fees. PengolinCoin is GPU/CPU friendly, ASIC resistant and uses the Cryptonight_turtle (pico) PoW algorithm for fast block times. It is a community driven and open source project (No pre-mine, no ICO, no STO, and no IEO). PengolinCoin relies on its community! People from all over the world are getting involved. Being community driven means that direction of the developmental process, resources and decision making goes to the community. PengolinCoin project works by providing the community with direct ideas and funding goals for development then decides how to reach those goals. Lastly, the community plans and builds the project and takes responsibility for monitoring its progress. All are welcome to join and become Pengolonians! PengolinCoin [PGO] is currently being traded on the following seven exchanges: Bkex, Hotbit,, KuangEx, and BTCSquare.

PengolinCoin’s Cryptonote Technology is designed to provide some of the most innovative privacy features predicated on advanced cryptography, an egalitarian approach towards decentralization, and censorship-resistance.
Cryptonote is predicated on two fundamental properties to achieve full anonymity in a transaction. First, is untraceability and the second is unlinkability. Furthermore, Cryptonote Technology protocol has a list of standards and specifications that must be maintained. These standards and specifications are, untraceable payments, unlinkable transactions, double-spend proof, blockchain analysis resistance, egalitarian proof of work, and adaptive parameters.
PengolinCoin, through its CryptoNote Technology, achieves untraceable payments through its integration of ring signatures. Ring signatures use multiple public keys mixed together to muddle the true signer of a transaction without sacrificing the ability to verify that the transaction is valid.
Unlinkable transactions in PengolinCoin’s CryptoNote Technology are accomplished through the use of one-time keys. Even with a ring signature, all of the incoming transactions to a public key address can be observed on a blockchain. CryptoNote mitigates this by automatically generating one-time keys derived from the public key of the recipient for each transaction.
Accomplishing a double-spend proof when the goal is to obfuscate transaction data comes with some clear challenges. PengolinCoin’s CryptoNote Technology cleverly employs a concept known as key images to ensure there are no double-spends even in an opaque blockchain ledger. Key images are unique markers designed to support linkability while allowing a signer to remain anonymous.
In a Blockchain analysis, each transaction in PengolinCoin’s CryptoNote Technology has a unique one-time key, linking inputs and outputs through public addresses is not possible. To summarize at this point, the identity of senders is obfuscated by ring signatures, the amounts transacted are anonymized by Ring CTs, and one-time addresses provide the recipient privacy in a transaction.
Finally, the focus on an egalitarian proof of work in PengolinCoin’s Technology, stems from the centralization risk of Bitcoin with the development of powerful ASIC mining chips. PengolinCoin uses a version of CryptoNight, called CryptoNight-Turtle, which through its low memory (256 KB) and fast hashing, effectively resists ASIC mining and only allows for CPU and GPU mining resulting in true decentralization.

Our vision

We can change how the world uses currency. Let us tell you how.
First, PengolinCoin’s ease of use will make our cryptocurrency available to the masses. We are doing this by providing as many, simple ways as possible to hold, send, receive, buy and sell PengolinCoins.
Second, we are constantly striving to grow our community. We are continuing to achieve this by paid and social media marketing, airdrops, giveaways, bounties, and contests.
Third, we will continue to build partnerships. PengolinCoin has already partnered with Crypto Masters, Cryptwerk and CryptocurrencyCheckout and is currently being used by as a payment gateway.
Fourth, we will continue to seek listings on cryptocurrency tracking sites. PengolinCoin is already listed on the following Ten cryptocurrency tracking sites: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinPaprika, WorldCoinIndex, Coincodex, Coinlib, Cryptunit, CoinDataFlow, CryptoRank and Minerstats.
Finally, PengolinCoin continues to improve upon it’s privacy and security features, and cryptographic and blockchain technologies.

Why PGO?

PengolinCoin (PGO) is a cryptonote based cryptocurrency: Easy to use, secure, community driven, open source, with a charitable and ecological background.
PengolinCoin relies on its community! People get involved from all over the world and are joining from everywhere, every day.
PengolinCoin is listed on several exchanges where you can buy and sell it in different currencies (BTC, USDT,...).
Come and join our Discord or Telegram channels, subscribe to our Twitter or Facebook to get the latest news.

PengolinCoin quick specs
  • Name: PengolinCoin
  • Ticker: PGO
  • Genesis date: 22/03/2020
  • Announcement: 23/03/2020
  • Hash algorithm: cryptonight-turtle (cn-pico)
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Total supply: 100M
  • Premine: No
  • ICO: No
  • Maturity: 20 blocks


Leaders team

Founder of PengolinCoin

| | | France


PengolinCoin Advisor/Investor

| | | U.S.A.

Developers team

PGO lead blockchain Developer

| | Laos

Xuehao S.

PGO Developer



PGO Mobile Developer


Community team










News & Updates

PengolinCoin Adds an Android Mobile Wallet and a MAC CLI and GUI Wallet!
PengolinCoin’s ease of use will make our cryptocurrency available to the masses. We are doing this by providing as many, simple ways as possible to hold, send, receive, buy and sell PengolinCoins. PengolinCoin continues it’s successful pursuit of growth and development and adds an Android Mobile Wallet AND adds a MAC CLI and GUI Wallet! (see our Github) Storing your PengolinCoins gets easier and easier! Get your PengolinCoins today!

PengolinCoin Now Listed on Several Tracking Sites!
PengolinCoin is growing fast and because of that it is receiving a lot of attention. PengolinCoin is now listed on the following Ten cryptocurrency tracking sites: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinPaprika, WorldCoinIndex, Coincodex, Coinlib, Cryptunit, CoinDataFlow, CryptoRank and Minerstats.
What’s next? PGO will launch a new website and a new Block explorer tomorrow (monday, may 25th, 1:00 PM, GMT+2) Stay tuned!

PengolinCoin Has Partnered with Cryptwerk! Another Step Towards Mass Adoption!
In our continuing efforts to achieve mass adoption PengolinCoin has partnered with Cryptwerk! Cryptwerk is an online directory with hand-picked companies, websites, shops, and services accepting Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, including PengolinCoin! Cryptwerk’s database consists of 4000+ different companies. Cryptwerk is useful for people who wants to spend cryptocurrency directly, without exchanges or banking cards.
So, check it out and use your PengolinCoin at participating merchants. Sign up, registration is free! If your merchant doesn’t have a PengolinCoin payment gateway set up, request it! And remember, all your transactions will be quick, inexpensive and cryptographically protected.

PengolinCoin Has Partnered With Cryptocurrency Checkout!
Hello my fellow Pengolonians! We have some great news for you. Our effort towards mass adoption continues yet again! We have partnered with Cryptocurrency Checkout, as our payment gateway! Take a look at all the integrations available for merchants to use on their websites!

PengolinCoin Now listed on Hotbit and Bkex Exchanges!
PengolinCoin has just recently added it’s fifth and sixth exchanges! On 05/08/2020 and 05/09/2020 PengolinCoin was listed on Hotbit and Bkex two top 20 exchanges as ranked by CoinMarketCap. PengolinCoin has stepped into the big leagues with these listings and the future looks bright! Wait! There’s more! PengolinCoin has a form of staking! If you hodl your PengolinCoins in your Hotbit wallet you will be paid interest (see Hotbit for details)! Looking to buy some PengolinCoins? Check out these two great exchanges!


Spread PengolinCoin to the masses through proof of work, social media, paid marketing, online exchanges, airdrops, giveaways and bounties.

Write a white-paper with input from the community.

Grow our communities in Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram and Medium

Meet the criteria for and apply to be listed on CoinmarkeCap, CoinGecko, CoinPaprika

Get listed on multiple exchanges.

Initiate partnership with pangolin charity organization. As a requirement, this organization must improve all aspects of pangolin conservation with an added emphasis on combating poaching and trafficking of the animal.

As PengolinCoin grows we plan on expanding the team as our needs require it.

List PengolinCoin on large exchanges.

PengolinCoin will be adding Android and IOS mobile wallets. This will help expand both the miner and user base for the coin.

Provide merchants with a PengolinCoin payment gateway for both online and Point of Sale (POS) transactions.

Develop partnerships to strengthen and increase PengolinCoin’s Value.

Rewrite and improve white-paper with community input.

find funding to ensure the development of the blockchain ("dev fee")

hire one or more developers (blockchain, mobile, ...)

develop the use of payment gateways accepting PGO

organize the community in "Regions", especially in Asia / Pacific,

We will continue to implement PengolinCoin into payment systems for major vendors as a way for people to buy their consumer goods online as well as buying in physical stores with their mobile devices.

Continue to seek new partnerships.

Develop PengolinCoin’s cryptographic and blockchain technology.

The PGO team will continually monitor block rewards, and if necessary, fork to a new algorithm, to stay ASIC and FPGA resistant, in order to remain decentralized.

We will continue the proliferation of the PengolinCoin ecosystem to the masses until PGO is the most ubiquitous cryptocurrency used in the world.


Here you will find a few Frequently Asked Questions about PengolinCoin...

  • How can i obtain PGO and how should i spend it?
  • You can mine or buy PGO. You can mine with your CPU or your graphic card or you can buy PGO on Exchanges
  • What are the objectives of this project?
  • PGO intends to be an easy and secure way to pay or tip. PengolinCoin (PGO) is a totally community driven cryptocurrency project (No pre-mine, no ICO and no IEO) that uses Cryptonote Technology to make transactions private, anonymous, secure and inexpensive. The ease of use and it’s privacy and security features make this cryptocurrency the best to use for paying or getting paid by anyone at anytime.
  • What about charity and ecological background?
  • PengolinCoin has teamed up with the Pangolin Crisis Fund and, as a future goal in our roadmap, will donate a portion of it’s revenues to help save this endangered animal. Until then, we have started a Pangolin Crisis Fund charity wallet. You might be wondering why PengolinCoin is not spelled PangolinCoin. Well, the word Pangolin is derived from the old Malay word, Penggoling, which means to roll over into a ball. So, we morphed the origins of the name with the name itself. We also wanted a unique name as well so PengolinCoin was born. PengolinCoin is rare, unique, fast and secretive, just like the Pangolin.

Download PGO

Download The PGO wallet (for Windows and Linux), CLI binaries or Android Mobile Wallet. You'll be able to create a PGO address, send, receive PGO, etc.
You'll find a GUI wallet chinese translated version (beta version).

PGO CLI binaries


You'll need CLI app if you want to run PGO daemons in command line (for nodes, pools, exchanges, etc.)

PGO Mobile wallet

Android app

Download the Android Mobile Wallet to send and receive PGO from your mobile (you can create and restore address)

PGO GUI wallet


Donwload GUI wallet version (Windows, Mac or Linux) to send, receive, etc. PGO from your desktop.

Buy and sell PGO

PGO is available to trade on:

Hotbit USDT Hotbit BTC Bkex USDT KuangEX USDT Cratex BTC BTCSquare BTC



Other partners if you would like to become a PengolinCoin merchant, please use this guide Cryptocurrencycheckout/PGO to be added as a merchant.

Cryptwerk: Companies and services accepting PengolinCoin as payment

Listed on



This address is intended to receive the funds which will be donated to organizations that fight illegal trade that threatens all eight species of pangolins.
PengolinCoin Project will donate part of its income, especially that from the fee of the official mining pool. You can mine directly at this address to make your contribution.

Charity address balance: 4,120.00 PGO
[updated on 09/06/2020]
First donation to Pengolin Crisis Fund has been sent on may 1rst, 2020: $100
See Discord message

BTC: 3MibEwQmswLGAJ3xJ8pWygbuoQ1L6R7Mnv
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Litecoin: LReQU6CZD1L52YLW1FSK5ajP1bFwVWAQJ5
Ethereum: 0x0c124c0a1cdeb8405ecba5dace1e46b663ec0815
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